How To Create a Post.

How to Create your Post on

Register, Then email one of our admin your account details, Specifying if your an Artist or a Promoter.

The admin email address is cooldjmaxi at gmail dot com

Follow this Simple Easy Steps…

(1)  [Enter Post Title here]: This is where your name and title of song appears.

For Example:

If its an Audio, type: [Music] Your Name – Your Song Title.

If Its a Video, type: [Video] Your Name – Your Song Title with an ending tag “Official Video”

(2) The second box is for your Hype/ Press release statement.

How to Insert your link inside the post?

(3) Just below your Press Release, type “DOWNLOAD” use your mouse to copy the text you just typed then click on Insert/Edit link…… See Screenshot below

naijabasemp3 tutorial

A popup window appears…See screenshot below

naijabasemp3 tutorial 2

After inputting the link as described above, just click the ADD LINK button…. And your link appears in the post.

Now lets insert our Artwork to beautify the post….

Click on Set Featured image(this is where you upload your own Artwork/Album Cover)

Locate your Artwork in your Picture library or Folder, Once found Upload it.

Last step:  Click on Select Category, select the categories “BEST Suited” for your song. You can also Create your own Tags If you didn’t find anyone.

Click Publish!( Just Once!!!)and Viola your song is Live on

Visit the homepage and you’ll see your song. Feel Free to share the link i.e

Please Make sure its a hotlink!!!

If a post is referring to a site other than a Music hosting site, your account is at stake! We’ll suspend or delete the user without notification.

***Please Make sure you contact the admin email mentioned above because by default, All Registered Users automatically becomes a member and only Artist/Music PRs are Eligible for this Role. Thank you.