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NaijaBaseMp3.com is a site that delivers spankin new Nigerian Music, videos and Music Concert/Event to Nigerians home and abroad. As a way of Contributing to the fast growing Nigerian Music industry.

NaijaBaseMp3 known for Dope Music was founded on January 01 – 2013 but officially went live Feb 01, Due to challenges in mid 2013, NaijaBaseMp3 has however revamped to a better hosting experience and in so doing, we have added some not too popular activities.

NaijaBaseMp3.com remains the first social music blog originating from West Africa(Nigeria), where our members are allowed to follow each other while still getting the latest Nigerian Jamz all for PROMOTIONALuse only.

On NaijaBaseMp3.com Only members are allowed to get every content offered by our prestigious fellow admin staffs. We’ve also become one of Nigerias #1 source for Djs to get the latest songs with Artwork(to make your playlist awesome)

We’ve also brought back a legacy, in the sense that we noticed most Nigerian songs  has too much of intro that you can’t afford to use as your Ringtone. Don’t worry we’re here to ease that. We promise to deliver Ringtones to every songs posted(Please be patient enough, if a ringtone hasn’t been created for a particular song you wished for).

Nothing much to write here our members can testify. If your content is dope We’ll Find You!!!

Update: We upgraded on 09 November 2013 and officially launched the new platform on New Years Eve 31st – Dec – 2013.

If you have any questions please visit out FAQs section. Thanks.

Team NaijaBaseMp3.com