[Producer] T.U.C In The Base Room

T.U.C In The Base Room

Whats up music lovers I trust you all doing awesome as expected, I’m feeling crackalakas!! I happen to be feeling that way because 2017 has been totally fruitful I mean so many have happened in the past 9 months in the Nigerian music industry, international collabos, international awards from out Nigerian artists and most importantly we have so many young cats in the music business now and this has fostered the growth of the industry.

In the Base Room today we have a multi-talented music producer, mix engineer, DJ, Instrumentalist I think its say to call him an Undisputed Champion. He produced a chunk of Yung L’s debut album “Better Late Than Never” which was released on the 13th of October 2017, the album which is currently receiving radio rotations with notable tracks such as Gbewa, Anya, Shupe just to mention a few let’s get to meet TUC shall we?

Who’s T.U.C for people who don’t know you?

Nigeria Music 2017

I am a simple quiet and reserved guy who is a music producer, music director and arranger, mix engineer and DJ

How did you come about your nickname?

Well, back in high school, something happened and everyone started calling me Undisputed. That was like my nickname then. Then I started making beats, didn’t have a stage name and wanted to keep the name cos of the weight the meaning carried. So i changed it to ‘The Undisputed Champion’ which is the acronym for T.U.C

How did you get into the music production business?

For me, I guess music is actually my calling. Cos I’m family, everybody is blessed musically. Dad was a choir master and still a fantastic vocalist till date. Started off in church band from playing drums, to the piano then guitars then pack to the piano. Which opened my musical ears and suddenly started programming beats in the piano and it’s been constant growth and evolution from then

Why music Production?

Cos that’s where I express myself better. Remember I said I’m a music director. Because of how perfect I want the music to sound, I was always this strict music director who wouldn’t take mistakes lightly when directing my band back then. Hence I fell in love with production cos I had the power to control every single sound just the way I wanted it.

T.U.C In The Base Room || NaijaBaseMp3.com

You are one of the hottest music producers right now, Yung L’s Better Late than never album is a success tells me how you feel about that being one of the personnel behind it.

I’m just grateful to God

Anya happens to be one of fans favorite and you produced it can you talk about it what’s the idea behind the record?

Funny enough, Anya was recorded when the album was ready. After we were done with the album, we discovered we still needed one song with a different kinda vibe. I had to go back to the studio, made the beat, and Yung L freestyled on the beat for like 5 minutes straight. Then I took the parts I loved from the freestyle and that were how Anya was made.

Do you have plans dropping a personal project soon?

yea, sure

If you aren’t a music producer what would it be?

A business tycoon

T.U.C In The Base Room || NaijaBaseMp3.com

Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with so far?

Funny enough, I’ve worked with almost everybody. Its just that some haven’t been released. Not necessarily as a producer , but as a mixing and mastering engineer.

Thanks so much TUC for your time you can reach out to TUC on social media >>>

Instagram: @iam_tuc

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/undisputedchamp



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