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There have been different school of thoughts when it comes to Rap/Hip-hop’s existence in Nigeria though you find it almost impossible to see a show with proper hip-hop or rap acts on the bill these days, this which made some big cats in the rap culture switch to the pon pon (commercial lane) but this is a discussion for another day.

We have in the Base Room today one of Nigeria’s fast-rising talented music act who’s still keeping things real for the culture, Paybac is a young Nigerian rapper out here trying to be the best he can be.

Who’s Paybac?

Nigeria Music 2017

PayBac is a character created by iBoro to help him get past childhood insecurities. I think he’s dying now.

How did it all begin?

My late sister, an old Walkman and a biggie song. I like to think it was hypnotize but I’m not so sure any longer.

Why Rap?

Because it didn’t matter how soft or vulnerable I was as soon as I spat a verse I became the toughest bully ever. And also because Eminem and Nas understood my depression before I did.

Do you have a specific mindset when making a song?

Over the years it’s been changing. Right now I try to capture the essence of whatever idea my mind is working on.

Whats the idea behind ‘Mami Water’?

Well true story I was at a beach one night and I met a mermaid. She gave me the song and told me she’ll be back for me in I think 5 years. And here we are.

What artists influenced you?

Everybody. From tupac to uzi. Beatles to fela. I listen to everything at least once.

Do you think people would eventually accept you sound?

People been accepted the sound. I think what you mean is Nigerian Hip-Hop. And I think that’s just unfairly putting me in a box. My music expands beyond just that. And even if we talk about Nigerian Hip Hop. People accept it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the genre. Except maybe nobody takes out the time or money to promote it well anymore.

Are you working on any project?

Yup. And I became The Biggest Tree

Are you getting a record deal soon?

Lol. This not a question that is important to me anymore. They can’t do anything for but steal your years and put you in debt.

Do you do something else aside music?

I want to be writer in the cartoon and movie industry. That’s the dream I’m working on right now. I also see a lot of potential in the Agric Industry  and I’ll like to see my plans in those areas grow too.

How can prospective fans get your records?
um www.officialpaybac.com and www.soundcloud.com/listentopaybac or just tweet at me @talktopaybac


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