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It’s no News the Nigerian music industry is steadily growing, we have a number of young cats making good music getting recognized and being able to keep up a fan base it is also not news that the industry has challenges here and there but this hasn’t stopped those who are passionate about the craft they would rather work around it and keep grinding.

Esbee is one of those young cats moving with the music force he is a talented Nigerian he writes, he raps, he sings and produces too, Amazing right? We have him on today’s session…

Tell us about Esbee in detail

Nigeria Music 2017

My name is Okhiria Daabo Ayodele, better known as Esbee. I am a 22 year old singer, rapper, songwriter and music producer who hails from Edo state but resides in Lagos Nigeria. 

How long have you been doing music?

I started recording and releasing music since 2011 with a group known as R.B.C (Rap Boiz Crew, now defunct) but started a solo career in 2013.

Why music?

To be very honest, at a very young age, age 15 to be precise,I questioned the social norm of 9-5 careers (Medicine, Law, Journalism). It felt like my life was already planned out for me, but I never felt like i had a purpose. At least not until i met and made music with Ceejay, Femi Broadway and Friki P, friends who later became group members (R.B.C). That was when I felt it, that ‘this is it’ feeling, this is what i was born to do.

You’re also a producer and sound engineer. Which artists are you looking to work with and who have you worked with to date?

Yes, I am a music producer and I have worked with a lot of promising talents, especially from the South South region of the country. Waye, Nex’page, Kasope, Bman, Marvelle, KOD and Steven Tones to name a few. Asides from Banky W, Poe, Yung6ix, Wizkid, I would love to work with more talented upcoming artistes, they are very inspiring.

What’s the concept behind the Heartahce EP project?

The Heartache EP is my most personal project yet. At the time I battled depression and several negative emotions,music was my only solace. The only thing I could do was sing my pain away. The Concept of that EP is to purge myself of all that negativity, hoping that the audience relates to and heals from listening to the body of work.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge you’ve had working on the Heartache EP?

My biggest challenge with The Heartache EP is being open to criticism. The project involves me opening up about my deepest darkest fears and insecurities, therefore I am very sensitive about criticisms. Thankfully, most of the reviews have been positive.

What’s the worst thing a critic ever said to you?

This one is hard to answer. I have not really had harsh comments about my music.

How has people’s reception being towards your sound?

People have received my sound quite well, a whole lot more than i expected as a matter of fact. Going into music, you have a choice to either follow the trend or to carve a niche, so far, carving a niche for myself has worked for me.

How do you promote your music?

Social media has played a key role in promoting my music.

What genre would you associate yourself to?

I do not like to put myself in a box, music is art, and art is an expression. There are several ways and genres i can exploit to express myself. I do however enjoy African percussions in my sound, some Afro fusion.

What are your thoughts about Sound Cloud Artists?

Soundcloud Artistes? That is a thing now? I don’t think any true artiste would enjoy being called that. It sounds very limiting. Never the less, there are a several talented creatives on the platform,and Soundcloud has helped a lot of musicians to be heard.

Do you think radio has helped pushing good music or just songs with rich artists?

Radio has helped, although payola is pushing a lot of the good stuff to the background, but let us give credit to the ones who keep sourcing for and playing good music. Radio is still helping.
Are you signed to a label?
At this moment, I am an independent artiste, I am not signed to any record label.


Connect with Esbee:

Instagram: @therealesbee

Twitter: @therealesbee


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