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Hello folks great to have you again on the Base Room, we promised to bring you the unusual, we have Nordan City Records signee Morell here today, this dude is spectacular, you can address him as a rapper and singer at the same time. He happens to do the two seamlessly and he has gotten across to Nigerians and the world entirely with his music.

He dropped his debut album titled “Musa Jikan Musa’’ three months ago and it’s been all over radio and online streaming platforms. Let’s have a chat with Morell…

The first time we heard about you was on Ruggedman’s 2007 hit track, “Move Something”. How has the music journey been so far? 

Nigeria Music 2017

The journey has been really enlightening. The ups, the downs, the changes in taste and market structure and still, I’m here today still doing my thing. It’s been a growth filled journey.

Your new album, Musa Jikan Musa, dropped on May 2017. What’s the reception like since then?

Honestly, the reception for the album has been really really good. Amazing feedback from every part of the world and we’re still building. MJM is the debut I hoped it’ll be.

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 What’s your best song on the album?

Happy Day.

A lot of your fans seem to gravitate to ‘Mango’, your Album’s hit track. What’s the concept behind the song? 

Lol! My albums hit track? How are you so sure? Well, Mango is one song I love so much and I hope it turns out to be as huge as you’re making it to be. Mango is basically about life and perspectives and hope and gratitude. It’s just a playfully deep happy song.

 What genre of music would you associate yourself with? 

This question again! Lol! I appreciate the idea of staying under a genre but my talent happens to be limitless. I won’t say I make all sorts of music, but at the same time my musical scope is so wide that it rubbishes whatever a genre means.  I make all sorts of dope music.

What’s the challenge breaking into the mainstream? 

It’s a lot man. From not so passionate radio people and “music heads” to Promotions (payola), to not enough gigs and platforms, and little data and zero structure… It’s a lot of things like I said but we’re not backing down still. Challenges shouldn’t end dreams.

Do you have an active fan base? 

Yes, I do. A big one.

Where you are currently based?


We often see you shutdown shows in the North. What’s up with the South?

The plan is to secure the home front first before launching out. I had my time in Lagos and I’m so grateful for the friends I made and the lessons I learnt. Musa had to go back home after university abroad (Lagos. Lol). So we’re having a 15 venue tour (The MIC Tour) around the north for the album and the northern music movement generally. Dates should roll out soon. Tell the south that Musa Is Coming.

What else do you do besides music?

The music business… Lol! That and music. You’ve heard this so much but music happens to be my life.


Thank You.


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