[Music] Download The Thing Goes Skrrrra Pa Pa Ka Ka.

Download  the thing go skrrrra. Apparently it seems alot of people have been wondering where the heck can i download that song in almost all memes ? Well here it is, i just extracted it from the video interview you can watch below. Mans not hot!


Yo, Gah!
The ting goes skrrrrra
Pa pa ka ka ka
Ski bi ki pa pa
And the put put purrrru boom!
Do do ku ku pun pum
Pum Pum
Ya dun know
Big Shack
Huh, Yo
Yea yea

Nigeria Music 2017

Nigeria Music 2017

You can LISTEN the full version below, the short version where he said the Pa Pa Ka Ka Ka can also be LISTENed and used as ringtone…Enjoy guys!!!

The Thing Goes Skrraaa full

The thing goes Skrraaa Short


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