[Video Review] Patoranking – This Kind Love Ft Wizkid Official Video.

Okay so Patoranking drops the official video to This Kind Love ft Wizkid off his album God Over Everything. The video was directed by Clarence Peters and was shot somewhere in Jamaica (I should believe).

According to the video description on youtube it states that the video, preaches strongly against domestic Violence and also stands for upholding happy love values, that make sense yea ? However, SPOILER ALERT! Patoranking and Wizkid were not in the entire music video. They didn’t even do a cameo appearance, watching the video felt like it was a parody video.

Haven’t said that, I’m guessing Clarence wants to copy Justin Bieber’s Sorry (Purpose: The Movement) video ? Sadly it didn’t turn out well bro because this song and the video storyline doesn’t fit in all.

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So here’s my case study and analyses of this video and why i had to write this review.

Case Study: Justin Bieber –  Sorry (Purpose: The Movement) Video.

If you listen to the song(audio only) you get the message and it’s direct. It’s a love song, Justin is apologising to his “Girlfriend”.

Now the video comes out as a dance video, there’s no ONE particular person that claims to be Justin Bieber in the video. What does this send to your brain ? Two straight non-confusing message which are: 1 the lyrics(apologising), 2 the several Dance step in the video. End of story, no storyline in the video so you don’t confuse your listeners, let the audio tell the story!

Now let’s Analyse Patoranking – This Kind Love Video.

The audio is great no doubt, it was a club banging song coz it came out since August 2016 (oh snap! it took them one year to make a video and this is all we get O.o ??) Anyways back to my analyses, if you listen closely to This Kind Love lyrics, you get 1 message from it and it’s the DIE HARD LOVE Patoranking kept emphasizing he has towards his woman and he’ll do anything for her. Here’s an excerpt from the This Kind Love lyrics…

Say what they wanna say
They can do what they wanna do……do what they wanna do
No matter what the hater’s say
I still get my eyes on you
Gonna be with you even if they say na taboo…..taboo

So that’s about the audio and its lyrical content, now the official video is out, we are being given a total opposite impression that confuses some of us.

First, the video greets us with two young boys dressed up and looking like Patoranking and Wizkid
Second, we see couples fighting each other
Third, some dancers were busy doing their own thing (which wasn’t bad)
Fourth, the fighting couples separated
Fifth, the same fighting couples were missing each other or sorry for their actions
Sixth, the couples suddenly found each other at a club, we see the man begging his woman to accept him back and to cut the long story short, she accepted.
Seventh, we see the couples rocking each other and they lived happily ever after ? (i guess). But in the midst of all this, the young boys acting as Pato and Wizzy were busy chilling in their saloon car, posing like Celebrities hehehe.

Then the video ends with: No to Verbal Abuse, No to Physical Abuse, #SayNoToDomesticAbuse

My question is what has Domestic Abuse got to do with this beautiful song that is all about how mad you’re in love with someone and how you’ll go any length for her irrespective of what anybody says ?

Why did i write this review ?

Just to point out that the storyline in this video and song doesn’t match, doesn’t fit, it’s directly opposite.  If you want to send a strong a message like this, why not sing a new song ?

To me i think this video is weak in passing the message it intends to. I think it’s time our music video producers check the lyrics of songs before shooting a video or just don’t use a strong storyline to shoot a music video that the lyrics are opposite(if you’re all about creativity).

Pros: Clean Video

Cons: Song message and Video message are directly not related to each other, If you’re expecting to see Patoranking or Wizkid ? You’ll be disappointed, plus you’ll get tired of the video after one watch. Nothing spectacular!

Watch the video below!

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  • E Try Sha
  • Dry Nobi Small
  • E No Bad

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