Loopy Records Present: LISTEN Ruby – Down,

First of all Ruby is a recording artist under M.I’s Loopy Records and this is tight honestly, good chorus, she just got it right on this song and it actually didn’t sound Nigerian(soundz African). Remember If its dope we post it…Enjoy!!!

 Bio:I’m a musician. I work hard to ensure the music I make, much like the person I am, is unique and makes a bold statement.

In becoming who I am, there are lives that have shaped mine. Gentle hands which have reached across time and space to mold my thoughts and actions.

Nigeria Music 2017

This is my homage, my tribute, to all the wonderful women who have inspired me. They are all amazing artistes.

And they inspire me because of how they lived and because of the things they stood for. 

 Ruby – Down. Mp3 Link: LISTEN


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