Less than 12 hours ago was the deal day for the much anticipated show ever in Nigeria brought to you by
St.EVE Concept and St.EVE Magazine, tagged | THE SUMMER JAM FEST “|feat RICK ROSS, Terry G, Dammy Krane,Fuse ODG, EVA, and the rest. Well like the headline reads and to go straight to the point i was at the event live and direct from the start to the finished spot and i pictured alot of things i saw(In my brain tho lol, coz my colleague didt show up and the camera was with him quite bad for me), so i’ll be starting with….


Nigeria Music 2017

At the Black Carpet i saw alot of Top Nigerian celebrities e.g Flowsick, Becca, Lynxxx, Karen Igho, Vector, Don Jazzy, 2face Idibia, D’prince, Dj Jimmy Jatt and alot could go on doing their carpet things. Flowsick Kicked Off the Show with his hot new tracks ‘RingTone and Lowkey’.
Burna Boy also performed their hot new single making serious airplay on Naija102.7fm
Dammy Krane made some funny stage things like bringing two dwarfs dancing to Ko Le Re body(My Dear) as he performs.
Terry G i’ll say is also one of them that took the stage like its his studio he murdered every track played, with the crowed singing along made him feel welcome even though he was in his own country lol.
South Africas own Liquideep stormed the stage with their hot song and it was a blast i jumped up when they sang my favorite track STILL yea.

Now when it was time for the BOSS to step on stage, it was a 17min standing ovation, with out showing his face nor even come out(Everybody where standing including VVips and all Tables) but RICK ROSS’S DJ was there slamming some hot tracks and it got the crowed anticipating more, then suddenly guess who came
out MEEK MILLZ yall!!! the new artist signed under Rozays MMG label he performed for a couple of minutes, then the Dj Turned it up, all we heard was UH! MayBach Music!!! and like BOOOM Rick Ross
appeared when the song |I’mma Boss| was played check out the noise and love nigerians showed, you cant
believe Nigerians could mime almost all Rick Ross track back to back, it was supered RICK ROSS confessed he felt at home(USA) and it went on and on from one track to the other some of the tracks name are Hustle, Stay Scheming, JOHN, 911, Take you to the Head, All i Do is Win, AM on One and loads upon loads…HE took the Crowed along that even after the show every cars coming out of EKO Hotel was playing one of RICK Rosses song.


People didn’t feel Flavour while he performed coz he was next after Rozay! and Rozay already stole the heart of the crowed.
Fuse ODG(the AZONTO bois) Never performed due to lack of interest from people coz they were already
Everybody waited just to see RICK ROSS perform.
People turned up later than expected
No Proper Timing
Eva’s performance was a no no (just a few people was watching)


The Press treatment was whoaful!
The Event was supposed to start by 7pm but it ended up starting by 10:02pm
Alot of seats were empty even as at 09:14pm(Especially Tables)
Immediately RICK ROSS stepped out of the Stage people started leaving.

In summary its was a great event and i could possibly rate it as 75% Ok and i hope this event gets across to the upcoming Nigeria Events Award Aug 24, About the Event Planner Bobby Taylor…I think shes a great hard working woman and an event planner and i also think shes energetic, agile and very powerful in handling serious issues plus i believe shes an open person who responds to anyone irrespective of her own status, anyways the event i believe was a success, there was no fighting, maximum security was provided and delivered. According to the information passed at the closing session the Chairman made mention this event is going to be a yearly thing, so we’er looking forward to the next big thing St.EVE Concepts and St.EVE Magazines will be bringing perhaps Lil Wayne, or Drake maybe Chris Brown!!! till then…Ciao


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