Russell Brand divorcing Katy Perry over Fame and cocaine.

Looks like divorce is not a big deal any more to celebrities.

Speaking about divorce, that would be the first choice for Russell brand ATM because the dude is so fed up with the crowd Katy Perry got and not only that, Russell brand has also filed this divorce case because Katy is an addicted coke sniffer and because he’s just left the game(cocaine) and trying to rearrange the mistakes he made while in it he found out the wife he married is so in lust with it.

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According to Russell brand “I can’t stand my wife partying all night almost every day taking all kinda stuffs ” Moreover rumours says Russell brand is making this move just to maintain a status of ” I divorced Katy Perry 🙂 not ” Katy perry divorced me 🙁 ” and also Russell brand also detest the fact that Katy has more fan than he does(just Incase you don’t know Katy Perry has over 14.5million verified followers on Twitter)


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