Desmond Elliot joins the Protest against the removal of Fuel subsidies.

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Desmond Elliot one of Nigeria’s finest actor in Nollywood has condemn the act of the FG over the removal of Fuel subsidy, he says its wrong and its not in a proper timing.

Here are his opinions from Twitter: “We have lost everything we met on the land. C ocoa, palm oil, groundnuts, cotton, cashew and rubber have been forgotten and are better produced by nations who came to
learn from us. We have lost our moral compass, our society is fractured, our statehood is threatened. Our citizens are in
all prisons around the world. Some of them prefer foreign prisons to
coming back to Nigeria. Our passport is treated with disdain
everywhere you present it. Why should our government be this big
with special advisers on cassava and beans affairs? Do we need 36
ministers? Why would our president spend close to a billion on food
while close to eighty percent live on less than a dollar a day? Why
should he budget a billion for generators and diesel when he is urging
us to believe in his power sector reform? Why does our President
need six private jets? Why should our politicians keep their salaries
when Obama slashed his? Why should we continue to be wasteful
when the handwriting on the wall says “danger”? Why should we
believe the government when it says the subsidy gain would be
properly reinvested? Bad leadership and corruption must stop.”

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