Beat by Dre says Goodbye to Monster (No sign of renewal)

beat by dre

Beat by Dre a combination of Monster and Americas rapper and producer Dr. Dre brought about the head phone a lot of artist this days wanna show off in their musical videos but here’s the thing you guys don’t know, Dr. Dre partnered with Monster(an instrumental company dealing with speakers,headphones,amplifiers, Mics and other appliances) who both signed a 5 year contract and this year(2012) will make it 5 complete years they have partnered and Dr.Dre and Lovine(whom not everybody know) are not renewing the contract(I guess because Beat by Dre can actually standalone) so they have settled on that but financially it was said that the both partners have issues of profit sharing but now that the contract is almost over Lovine says the issue has been resolve and that there’s no need for investors or customers agitating whether or not Beat by Dre will still function, but here’s what Lovine said “The growth of Beats has been so good. We are about the transmission of music, and sort of what we consider fixing the destruction of audio due to the digital revolution. This is important to us. We’re very proud of setting in motion. It’s important to Dre and I, and to people in the music business, for our sound to be transmitted properly.” and I think that’s a reassurance to hold on to and incase you don’t know who Lovine is “he’s also a partner direct to Dr.Dre perhaps).

beat by dre

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